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Staying connected

Alumni chapters in the mainland continued to nurture bonds in 2020.

Shanghai Alumni Chapter holds inspiring cultural salon

CityU Shanghai Alumni Chapter organised a thought-provoking and enjoyable salon in Shanghai on 「無關文理、讓你人生如虎添翼的是藝術」 on 30 August 2020. Chapter convener Mr Feng Li (left, centre) gave the welcome speech, followed by a talk by artist Yamin Li (bottom, eighth right). The chapter also formed its new Executive Committee (Exco), which will hold office for two years.

Third Exco inauguration in Shenzhen
Third Exco inauguration in Shenzhen

The inauguration ceremony of CityU Shenzhen Alumni Chapter’s third Exco took place on 28 November 2020. The gathering was held at the city’s Fanye Cellarone Club, a venue for alumni activities arranged by alumnus Mr Fan Chaobin (front row third left). The Alumni Relations Office sent its best wishes to the Shenzhen chapter and thanked the group for its continuous support.

Beijing alumni keep city chapters in touch

The first meeting of the CityU Beijing Alumni Chapter’s fourth Exco was held on 27 December 2020. To connect up alumni across the country, Executive Committee members are now managing a WeChat account 「城大校友在線」, to send news to and from the alumni chapters in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu.

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